Waterproofing Options Comparison Chart

The matrix of submersible option is based upon three factors:

  • Material of Construction
    • Polypropylene (PP) or CPVC
  • Family of Waterproofing Option Invoked
  • Type & length of sealing hose installed
    • WPB, WPH & WPIT/WPITC only

  Description of Waterproofing Option


Family "A" Standard Submersible with Standpipe

Family "B" Fully Submersible with Cable Isolation

Family "C" Fully Submersible with Standpipe

Family "IT" Submersible with Cable Isolation

Most Submersible Applications






Halogen (Chlorine) & Oxidizer Resistant Applications




Not Available



  1. All options are available for sensors with 3/4" MNPT, 1.0" MNPT or 1.25" MNPT rear threads.
  2. Max temperature for continuous usage of the polypropylene (PP) waterproofing options is 105 degrees Celsius (220 degrees Fahrenheit).
  3. Max temperature for continuous usage of the CPVC waterproofing options is 90 degrees Celsius (195 degrees Fahrenheit).
  4. The waterproofings with the polypropylene (PP) material of construction are the best choice for most applications. There are some selected process solutions that contain chemicals for which CPVC is a better choice than PP such as in some strong oxidizers such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide as well as diluted nitric acid. In general, however, the PP material of construction is a better choice for chemical resistance, particularly if organic solvents may be present.
  5. All waterproofing types are suitable for use in outdoor installations where rain and moisture may be present on a continuous basis. All waterproofing options are also suitable for facilities that perform washdowns such that the back of the sensor may become thoroughly wetted.
  6. The WPA and WPC sealing should use an immersion tube sealing to the rear NPT threads of the watetproofing feature for fully submersible use.
  7. The WPB, WPH, WPIT series waterproofings can be installed with either 3/8"X5/8" braid reinforced vinyl tubing or NORPRENE® polypropylene tubing to allow for fully submersible installation without the use of an immersion tube (a.k.a. standpipe or guiderod).
  8. The NORPRENE® polypropylene tubing is primarily intended to be employed for locations where the entire cable assembly will be exposed to the 105 degrees Celsius (including the hose) or else for process media that is incompatible with vinyl tubing. The NORPRENE® polypropylene hose installation assembly includes a special NYLON clamp to act as a secondary securing feature although the factory installation of the NORPRENE® polypropylene hose results in a very reliable seal even without use the optional NYLON clamp.
  9. Total tubing desired for WPB, WPH & WPIT is indicated with /XX suffix for vinyl tubing and /XXPP suffix for the NORPRENE® polypropylene tubing where XX is the length of hose in feet. Typically the maximum supported hose length possible is 35 feet (10.7 meters). Inquire to factory if a hose length longer than 35 feet is required for your installation.
  10. The length of installed tubing is recommended not to exceed 65% of the total cable length for best results.