HOT-TAP Valve Retractable Assemblies, 3rd Generation (3GVR)

1½" & 2" 316 Stainless Steel (316SS) HOT-TAP Assemblies for 5X31, 5X41, & 5X51 Series pH Sensors and ORP Sensors
Support for Insertion & Removal directly into a process tanks or pipes while process is running with support for pressures up to 100 psig

HOT-TAP Valve Retractable Assembly

Shown above is a complete 2" NPT HOT-TAP Valve Retractable Assembly with 316SS Sensor Holder, 36 Inch Extension Tube & 5X31 Series Sensor

2" NPT Ball Valve Assembly Only Shown Above
(without compression fitting or insertion tube assy)

2" NPT Ball Valve Assembly Only Shown Above in Special Dual Port Purge Flush Configuration
(without insertion tube assy back view)

Complete HOT-TAP Valve Retractable Assembly Shown Above, Various Views

Details on just the 316SS sensor holder (on left) fitted with the short 12 inch extension tube (on right). These two parts fitted together constitute and insertion tube assembly. Also shown is the 5X31 series sensor (far left) as well as the 1"MNPT X 1.00"O.D. compression fitting and sealing cable glands. For use with the HOT-TAP valve retractable style the extension tube would be longer 36, 48 or 60 inch length as necessary for the given installation.

Integral bridge box installed on extension tube for easy quick disconnect sensor maintenance with Q7M/Q7F snap connector system for analog pH/ORP/ISE/DO sensors with integral preamplifiers or HiQ4M/HiQ4F snap connector system for smart digital sensors (not shown)