Letter of Introduction to Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.


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Advanced Sensor Technologies is pleased to introduce our unique leading technology solid-state pH, ORP and Ion Selective products to your company.  Our combination of unique solid-state polymers, specialty glasses and high-impedance electronic circuit technologies offer unsurpassed quality, lifetime and ease of use for all of your pH, ORP and Ion Selective measurement needs.


ASTI offers extensive support for replacement (retrofit) sensors that are 100% compatible with existing OEM instrumentation.  ASTI replacement sensors often outperform OEM sensors by a factor of 2-10 times at extremely competitive, if not outright lower, pricing.


ASTI is an application oriented sensor manufacturer.

      ASTI wants to know as much as possible about the conditions the sensor will endure during its long lifetime.

      ASTI tailors each sensor type to your application based upon the information provided.

      ASTI strictly maintains the confidentiality and privacy of any process information provided. 

Application information can be transmitted to ASTI in a number of methods such as:

      Online via our website form at

      Faxable application assistance questionnaire form.

      Contacting a local ASTI representative or contacting the factory.

      An experienced Electrochemist will discuss you application with you.


ASTI offers such a broad range of specialized pH glass & ORP elements to optimize performance and lifetime for any given process application.  In addition, ASTI offers the most complete line of industrial ion selective sensors and systems on the market.  Our experienced Electrochemists can assist not only your selection of an appropriate measurement system, but also provide extensive support.  ASTIs low maintenance solid state reference electrode technology, enhances performance and greatly increases sensor lifetime.


The pH, ORP and Ion Selective sensors are available in 6 different body housing & installation styles:  - and -1 MNPT Immersion and Submersible, 1 O.D. Hot Tap valve retractable, 1 MNPT Twist Lock quick disconnect (TBI-Style), and 2 Sanitary.  Plastic selection is also application specific;  primary considerations are chemical resistance, sample composition as well as temperature and pressure requirements.  ASTIs diverse line uses everything from inexpensive PVC/CPVC, general purpose RYTON, to the extremely chemically and thermally resistant ULTEM & PEEK.  The use of these plastics in combination with specially selected adhesives eliminates the need of Orings, often the least reliable part of most sensor designs.


Advanced Sensor Technologies is the only manufacturer of completely Integrated Industrial pH, ORP and Ion Selective Sensors.  All sensors are available with internal temperature compensators and preamplifiers.  ASTI supports most every manufacturer's preamplifiers, which are embedded into the sensor housing protecting them from external attack.  In this way, the electronics are most impervious to any outside influence and provide a long, maintenance free lifetime making for a cost effective sensor.  With our modular and customizable sensor design and novel technologies, ASTI has been able to service every existing process measurement application brought by our customers and outperformed the currently installed sensors.


ASTI offers the most complete series of submersible waterproofing options in the industry.  These special encapsulation and sealing assemblies can significantly elongate lifetime for immersion and submersion installations, and make servicing of these sensors a much simpler and less delicate procedure (greatly reducing breakage and sensor death due to handling).  All waterproofing options are available for only a small surcharge on all - & -1 MNPT Immersion and 1 MNPT Twist Lock Sensors.


ASTIs modular and flexible design allows us to deliver most sensors, in case of emergency, from stocked, prefabricated components in just a few days.  Even regular delivery only takes 1 to 3 weeks.  ASTI sensors have a 12 month shelf life, are easy to clean and do not need frequent calibration even in difficult applications.


ASTI offers complete loops utilizing Rosemount Transmitter/Controller/Analyzers supporting HART & Foundation Fieldbus Protocols and Jenco pH/ORP Transmitter/Controllers.  ASTI proudly offers the advanced 54epH/ORP/ISE Analyzer, Explosion-Proof 5081 & XMT Analyzers and the cost effective Dual-Channel pH/ORP 1055 Analyzer.


The Jenco Industrial 6311 line powered pH/ORP meter offers a simple, rugged cost effective pH/ORP transmitter and controller suitable for a wide range of monitoring and control applications.  All meters offer automatic temperature compensation, 4-20 mA outputs and excellent signal isolation and amplification.


Our complete current technical literature is posted online and can be viewed at any time at  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards,



Thomas A. D. Patko

Vice President

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